What does a WiFi router do?

A WiFi router takes the ethernet signal we bring into your home and turns it into a secure, wireless signal you can access using WiFi enabled devices. Without this essential piece of equipment, all your connections to the internet will need to be wired.


Renting vs. using your own WiFi router

Many customers ask us if they should rent or use their own WiFi Router. While we can’t answer that question for you, we can provide you with some of the pros and cons associated with each option.

Rent WiFi Router Use Own WiFi Router
Initial Cost $10/mo About $50 – $300+ depending on model
Ongoing Cost $10/mo n/a
WiFi Network Support Included None. You are on your own.
Best for… Tech novices or those who have enough on their plate. Tech intermediates or experts that are comfortable managing their own network
Ideal Building Type Single story, up to 2000 square feet. Multiple story structures, 2,000+ square feet.

What type of WiFi router should I purchase?

PC Mag has put together an excellent article we recommend reading to help guide your WiFi router purchase decision making.


What type of WiFi router does C Spire rent?

SmartRG SR400ac Router for C Spire High Speed Internet.

At present, C Spire rents our residential and business customers a C Spire branded SmartRG SR400ac router. The SmartRG SR400ac provides a stable, high performance WiFi networking experience with the added benefit of providing C Spire with the ability to diagnose and fix WiFi related networking issues remotely.

Four 10/100/1000 Gigabit LAN ports
One 10/100/1000 Gigabit WAN port
One USB 3.0 port & one USB 2.0 port

802.11ac 5GHz 1.3Gbps Wi-Fi Access Point
• 3×3 MIMO @ 400mW EIRP
802.11n 2.4GHz 600Mbps Wi-Fi Access Point
• 3×3 MIMO @ 400mW EIRP

Can I use WiFi Extenders, Boosters or Repeaters?

Yes. For true, whole home / office WiFi coverage, we recommend investing in one of the popular Mesh WiFi hardware systems. These systems include several hardware units you place throughout your building to help minimize against WiFi dead spots. Additionally, these systems typically include specialized software that improves connection continuity.

PC Mag WiFi Mesh Comparison – March 2018