Become a Hub Home and earn Free Internet!

Seldom does the universe provide Win-Win-Win scenarios. But have we got a deal for you! By becoming a C Spire 5G Internet Hub Home, you will achieve the following amazing feats:

  • WIN 1 – Get free internet.
  • WIN 2 – Become a hero because you help bring affordable, high speed internet to your neighborhood.
  • WIN 3 – Did we mention free internet?

Hub Home Interest Form

Fill out the form below to let us know you are interested in becoming a Hub Home. We only need a few homes in each neighborhood so the sooner you let us know you’re interested the better chance you have to become a C Spire Hub Home partner!

How It Works

C Spire Hub Home Diagram


  • Partner with C Spire
    Review and e-sign the Hub Agreement we’ll email you after you provide us with your contact info. This agreement gives C Spire the option to install equipment on your home’s exterior and access your power.
  • Professional Installation
    A licensed electrician along with C Spire technicians will install our equipment to the exterior of your home and connect it to your home’s power.
  • Enjoy Free Internet
    We’ll continue to provide you with FREE INTERNET for as long as we continue to serve customers with the equipment that is installed on your home.

It is important to note that not all homes that want to become a Hub Home are ultimately chosen to become one.

C Spire Hub Home Equipment

Hub Home - Roofline Diagram

C Spire typically will install a mounting arm or bracket similar to those used to mount TV satellite dishes. Then on this mounting arm, we will install a couple different types of equipment:

  • Access Point – This is about the size of a 2 liter bottle and is the piece of equipment that other homes point to in order to transmit and receive data to the network.
  • Backhaul Radio(s) – These are roughly 1/2 the size of a shoebox and connect your hub home to other hub homes in the neighborhood.

Hub Home FAQ’s

Will all homes that sign-up to be Hub Homes be selected?

No. Although we only offer the opportunity to become a Hub Home to those homes we feel provide the best location from a network perspective, there will be instances in which it does not make sense for us to install equipment on your home.

What happens if I sign-up to be a Hub Home and I am not selected?

As a gesture of good will for you taking the time and wanting to help bring 5G internet to your area, we will be happy to provide you with 1 month of free service ($50 value). Note that WiFi router rental or Static IP options are not covered under this offer.

How much power does Hub Home equipment use each month?

Our equipment uses roughly the same amount of power as a 75 watt light bulb.