Welcome. This page includes information aimed at helping HOA’s better understand the C Spire 5G Internet product, the benefits this product brings to your neighborhood, important FCC rules and regulations (pdf) concerning the restriction of fixed wireless equipment placed on rooftops, and some photographs of installed equipment from existing deployments in Mississippi.

5G Internet Product Overview

C Spire 5G Internet delivers affordable, high speed internet to homes using fixed wireless technology. We offer up to 120 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload speeds for just $50/mo. There are no data caps, no installation fees and no long term contracts. C Spire 5G Internet utilizes fixed wireless technologies to virtually eliminate the trenching, boring and digging often associated with wired internet services. This accelerates the deployment process.

Benefits to your Neighborhood

  • Increased Marketability – C Spire 5G Internet service means your neighborhood has the latest technology. And that means savvy home buyers will see the homes in your area as more desirable. You’ll be able to boast that yours is one of only a handful of neighborhoods in the U.S. that have 5G Internet.
  • Little to No Digging– Unlike traditional Internet products which require digging up and down every street, C Spire’s 5G Internet service covers most of your neighborhood utilizing fixed wireless technology. This means only one or two homes in your neighborhood will require us to dig the connection to our world-class fiber.
  • More Competition – Many neighborhoods across our area are plagued with little to no choice when it comes to high speed internet. At C Spire, we have a proven track record of competing and beating some of the nation’s top telecommunication and cable industry giants. And in the process we help improve the technology landscape for all of Mississippi.
  • Affordability – Our use of the latest 5G Technology enables us to offer this amazing high speed product at a very affordable price. And we don’t tack on a bunch of hidden fees or line-items that inflate your bill to a number you no longer recognize!

FCC Rules & Regulations

In 1996 the FCC created the Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule (pdf) to prohibit the restriction of home satellite dishes. In addition to satellite dishes, the rule also covers equipment used to receive or transmit fixed wireless internet signals.The equipment we deploy to send and receive fixed wireless internet signals qualify under this rule. We have found that a number of HOA’s have created their own rules concerning the placement of telecommunications gear in the neighborhood and on their homeowners’ rooftops. Federal regulations supersede any local or community guidelines or covenants. In essence, even if an HOA decrees that homeowners may not have telecommunications equipment on their homes, Federal law says otherwise.

Sample Photographs