Sara Fox in Brandon Now Has C Spire 5G Home Internet

The Sara Fox sub-division in Brandon is the latest Mississippi neighborhood to have C Spire’s revolutionary 5G Home Internet service. Residents of this and other Brandon neighborhoods can check their address and sign up for service at

Situated east of HWY 25 in Brandon off of Holly Bush Road, Sara Fox is a great neighborhood with friendly residents and access to some of Mississippi’s best public schools.

C Spire 5G Home Internet is an affordable internet service that offers download speeds up to 120 Mbps for just $50/mo. And best of all, we don’t lock you into a long-term contract or impose artificial data caps. All of which makes C Spire 5G Home Internet the perfect choice to power your digital life.

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Blackstone in Brandon Latest with 5G Home Internet

Nestled just off Holly Bush Road in Brandon, Mississippi sits the community of Blackstone. And now residents of the Blackstone neighborhood are eligible to sign up for 5G Home Internet service at:

With access to some of Rankin County’s highest rated schools and close proximity to the Ross Barnett Reservoir, Blackstone is known as one of the areas top locations for raising a family. And with C Spire 5G Home Internet, residents can now enjoy everything they love about the world wide web.

C Spire 5G Home Internet provides download speeds up to 120 Mbps, upload speeds up to 50 Mbps with no data caps. All this for just $50/mo with no taxes or hidden fees.

Learn more and sign up today at

5G Home Internet Available Now at Lexington in Florence Missississippi

Sometimes called Kirkwood of Lexington, the Lexington sub-division in Florence, Mississippi is the latest area to be eligible to become C Spire 5G Home Internet customers! Residents of the Lexington area in Florence can enter in their address and sign-up for service today at:

5G Home Internet from C Spire is the area’s best option for affordable, high speed internet service. We’re often less expensive and provide better download and upload speeds than our competitors. And gamers love our low, low ping times.

C Spire 5G Home Internet service is perfect for today’s most popular home internet activities such as:

  • Surfing the web
  • Watching YouTube
  • Streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc.
  • Spending time on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • Taking online classes
  • Paying bills and checking email

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Cyber Safety Starts At Home

Ensuring cyber safety is an important responsibility all of us share. Everyone in the home uses the internet to connect on Facebook, watch YouTube videos, play games or shop for the latest connected toys or devices. So it’s crucial that everyone in the household — including kids and older adults — learn to use the internet safely and responsibly.

Cyber Safety Tips

Cyber Safety

Follow these tips to help make your home a digital haven of peace and tranquility:

Keep a Clean Machine

Having the latest security software, web browser and operating system is the best defense against viruses, malware and other online threats. Remember, mobile phones and tablets need updating too!

Lock Down Your Logins

Usernames and passwords are not enough to protect key accounts like email, bank and social media. Improve account security by enabling strong authentication tools such as biometrics or unique one-time codes.

Share With Care

Think before posting about yourself and others online. Consider what a post reveals, who might see it and how it could be perceived now and in the future.

Back It Up

Protect your valuable work, music, photos and other digital information by making an electronic copy and storing it safely.

Value & Protect Your Personal Info

Information about you, such as your purchase history or location, has value – just like money. Be thoughtful about who gets that information and how it’s collected through apps and websites.

Secure Your WiFi Router

Set a strong passphrase (at least 12 characters long) for your Wi-Fi network. Focus on positive sentences or phrases that you like to think about and are easy to remember (for example, “I love country music.”). Name your network in a way that doesn’t let people know it’s your house.

Continue learning about Cyber Safety and improving your home’s cyber security by visiting STAYSAFEONLINE.ORG.

5G Home Internet Comes To Stonebridge in Brandon

The Stonebridge subdivision in Brandon, Mississippi is the latest neighborhood to get C Spire’s revolutionary 5G Home Internet service. Residents can sign up and set up their installation time by visiting and entering their service address.

C Spire 5G Home Internet offers blazing fast (up to 120 Mbps download speeds) internet service for a flat fee of just $50/mo. And unlike other internet providers, C Spire’s 5G Home Internet doesn’t include an annoying data cap getting in the way of you enjoying everything the internet offers.

Product Features:

  • Download speeds up to 120 Mbps
  • Upload speeds up to 50 Mbps
  • $50/mo flat fee (no taxes or fees)
  • WiFi Router (802.11 ac) is available for $10.70/mo (or use your own!)
  • No data cap.
  • No long term contract.
  • No installation fee.

High Speed Internet in Brandon, MS

Stonebridge is the second neighborhood in Brandon, Mississippi with access to C Spire 5G Home Internet. The first is the Pelahatchie Shore neighborhood located adjacent to the Ross Barnett Reservoir.

C Spire is currently engaged in a large-scale build-out of our 5G Home Internet with plans to come to additional Brandon neighborhoods in the near future.

Sign Up And Get 3 Months of 5G Home Internet for FREE

Our 5G Home Internet service is quickly becoming the talk of the town! Nobody else is offering up affordable, high speed internet like we are. And we’ve decided to sweeten the offer for those still not convinced that our 5G Fixed Wireless home internet service is right for them. This limited time offer will allow new customers to try the service for a full 90 days before having to pay a dime.

Sign up for C Spire 5G Home Internet now through December 31, 2018 using referral code 3FORFREE and we’ll provide you with three successive $50 monthly discounts totaling $150 in value!

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Fine Print

Offer subject to service availability. Offer good for new C Spire 5G Home Internet customers. Offer not valid for Hub Homes. Customer must be installed by December 31, 2018. Sign-Up requires you to provide a valid credit or debit card (payment method). We will automatically charge this payment method starting on the 4th month of service. Offer is limited to Internet service and does not include WiFi Router rental or Static IP products. 

Questions? Feel free to contact us and we’ll get you an answer!

The High Price of Slow Internet

A study by the National Digital Inclusion Alliance points out that in recent years, the price many consumers pay for slow internet service is almost identical the price people pay for high speed 100 Mbps service.

Often, this is because old, slow DSL service is the only option for customers. So the companies that offer service are able to do so at pretty much any price they choose. And when there is no competition, there is often no external market pressure for the ISP to upgrade its technology to Fiber or to utilize a new technology like C Spire’s 5G Internet.

At C Spire, we’re serious about improving the lives of Mississippians through the deployment of affordable, high speed internet. We are leveraging our 8,500+ miles of fiber optic cable across the state to extend broadband to more areas than ever before. That’s our mission.

Good Things Radio Interview – July 11, 2018

Rebecca Turner from the Good Things radio show invited the C Spire 5G Internet team to talk about the service. The interview covers speeds, pricing, equipment, our Hub Home methodology and where we’re first bringing service.

Good Things with Rebecca Turner

Florence Mississippi Accelerates With C Spire 5G Internet

Florence, Mississippi is about to get a lot faster — at least in terms of its residents’ internet speed. All thanks to our awesome 5G Internet service which delivers blazing 120 Mbps speeds at an incredibly affordable $50/mo price.

We currently have service available in the Lexington subdivision and are working hard to bring service to the Butler Creek and Southern Oaks neighborhoods. We are aware of the slow, expensive satellite service and are excited to offer a modern broadband product that brings real value to your internet life.

Check your address and sign up for C Spire 5G internet at



Paul Gallo Show Interview – July 5, 2018

We had the great opportunity to visit with The Paul Gallo Show about our amazing new C Spire 5G Internet service. C Spire representatives include Dave Miller, Senior Manager Media Relations, and Jared Baumann / Rob Rubinoff from the C Spire 5G Internet team.