There’s a new speed in town.

C Spire 5G Internet. $50 a month, 120 Mbps, no data cap, no long-term contract, no installation fee.

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Better internet has arrived.

Blazing Speed
Download, stream and surf the web at speeds up to 120 Mbps delivered via breakthrough, 5G fixed wireless technology to your home or business — with no data caps.
Modern Billing
Pay a convenient, flat rate of just $50/month with no long term contracts or funny business. Cancel or resubscribe at any time.
Inspired By You
Tired of sluggish downloads and poor service from other providers? Enter C Spire — internet service inspired by you.

For Your Home

Get all the content you want for just $50/month. No fuss. No hassle. Cancel anytime.
Tired of slow DSL or satellite connections? We’ve got the speed you need up to 120 Mbps.
Our reliable, high-speed internet is great for emailing, streaming, gaming and more.
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For Your Business

Get your business online with high-speed internet that works as hard as you do.
Access everything from email and online docs to point-of-sale payment services.
Our $50/month all-in pricing keeps you in control with no long term contracts or hidden fees.
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We’re on a mission to transform Mississippi one neighborhood at a time. By leveraging 5G technology and our commitment to community, we aim to give Mississippians more choices and opportunities than ever before.

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How does 5G Fixed Wireless Internet work?

C Spire runs Fiber up to the edge of your neighborhood or business district. We then use 5G tech to connect a series of base stations that in turn provide you with high speed internet through the air.

What does C Spire install?

C Spire installs a dinner plate sized antenna alongside your roof. This device is smaller and nicer looking than a typical satellite dish for TV service. We connect this antenna device into your home or business network using an Ethernet cable through a small power adapter.

Is there a data cap on how much data I can use each month?

No. We have no arbitrary limits or caps on the amount of data you can use unlike most of our competitors. For more info, please refer to our network management policy.

Is this service suitable for gaming?

You bet. We are typically providing ping times in the 30-90ms range. Once out of your neighborhood, you're connected to our world famous fiber optic network which has epicly low latency.

How is billing handled?

Billing is handled via monthly automated payments via credit or debit card.

Is this just another Cellular or Satellite internet product?

No. Our service runs on amazing 5G fixed wireless technology that is capable of delivering blazing fast speeds without the arbitrary data caps usually associated with LTE or satellite services.

When will you be coming to my town?

Check your service address for availability. If service isn't available today, be sure to fill out the interest form so we’ll know how much you want our service and can gauge interest in your area.

Is there a long term contract or early termination fees?

No and no. Our service is available month to month so you're never locked in. And because there are no minimum terms, there are no early termination fees.

Can I watch HD or 4K video?

Yes. With up to 120 Mbps you can actually watch multiple HD or 4K video streams simultaneously.

Do you offer C Spire TV service?

Not yet. We hope to offer our award winning TV service in the near future. But for now we're focused on delivering awesome internet service to as many people as we can because quite frankly, the internet is just too darn slow in Mississippi.